Official Rules & Regulations - James Madison Rockfish Tournament

1.) This is a team tournament and there is no limit to the number of anglers/team members per entry, however, there must be at least 2 team members per entry. All anglers/team members must be registered in writing/electronically with the tournament prior to 7:00pm, December 16, 2016, unless the tournament committee chooses to extend the time. Each team shall designate in writing a team captain, and only the team captain or designee shall be authorized to sign the entry registration form and score sheets. This is a boat tournament (your team consists of the people whom fished on your boat), and each boat shall submit a team name with their entry. This is a one day tournament; tournament entry fee is $250.00 per team. All entry fees and additional skill level entries must be received/paid no later than 8:30pm, December 16, 2016 to be eligible for prizes and awards (unless the time is extended by the tournament committee). The entry fee includes 1 Captain’s Bucket, four (4) commemorative tournament shirts, and four (4) Saturday awards dinner/banquet tickets @ Chick’s Marlin Club @ 2143 Vista Circle, Virginia Beach, VA 23451. Additional dinner/banquet tickets can be purchased for $25/person. Additional commemorative tournament shirts & hats can be purchased for $25/each (to ensure your shirt size please pre-order on registration form). There will be no beverage tickets for sale, Chick’s Marlin Club is instead offering “Happy Hour” pricing & drink specials both evenings for our group (wristbands will be issued). Children under the age of twelve are free for dinner & welcome.

2.) Each team is eligible to weigh-in their two (2) largest Striped Bass/Rockfish (Morone Saxatillis) that meet Virginia state regulations and awarded 1 point per pound. (ie. 50.55-pound fish will get 50.55 points; we will weigh out to the hundredth of a pound). Each fish will be weighed separately. Your combined weights are your total.

3.) The tournament reserves the right to refuse entry to any person or team.

> 4.) Checkout and Check-In: All boats may depart from any Virginia port, but must return for weigh-in at Chick’s Marlin Club at Lynnhaven Inlet. The official tournament channel is Channel 78.

5.) Fishing Hours & Boundaries: Lines in at 7:00am. The Northern boundary is Wachapreague sea buoy and the Southern boundary is the sea buoy at Oregon Inlet. Only fish caught between 7:00am and weigh-in deadline of 5:00pmwill be eligible. You may not be in illegal waters during tournament hours.

6.) Weigh-In Procedure: The official weigh station (Chick’s Marlin Club Dock) will be open at 2:00pm on December 17, 2016, and will remain open until all eligible teams have weighed in. An eligible team is described as a team in line at the scales by 5pm, NO EXCEPTIONS. You may drive your fish in if you must. We will only weigh your fish one time. Only the designated team captain will be permitted to accompany the team’s fish to the official scale, and must sign the scorecard. Fish will be checked for freshness and subject to inspection of stomach contents.

7.) Inlet Protocol: To enable prudent and safe passage for all boats within the inlet, all tournament boats shall abide by the posted speed/no wake regulations and Rules of the Road. Any boat observed for violating this rule and operating in a reckless or unsportsmanlike manner may be disqualified.

8.) After the tournament begins, two or more boats congregating (close enough to pass fish) or touch land or a dock other than weigh-in dock will be disqualified. The only exception is in the case of a life threatening emergency.

9.) Scoring: One (1) point per pound. (ie. 50.55-pound fish will get 50.55 points; we will weigh out to the hundredth of a pound). Each fish will be weighed separately. Your combined weights are your total. In case of a tie, the fish that are weighed first shall be deemed the winner.

10.) All fish submitted for weigh-in become the property of the tournament, and must be in suitable condition for human consumption. Please ice your fish properly. - Donated fish will be utilized for tournament banquet, and the remainder will be processed and donated to a selected charity. The Foodbank of Southeastern Virginia gladly accepts additional donated fish.

11.) This is a rod and reel tournament only. The tackle is unlimited, and live bait may be used. Power driven reels of any kind are prohibited. This includes motor, hydraulic, or electrically driven reels, and any device that gives the angler an unfair advantage.

12.) Mutilated/Injured Fish: IGFA rules shall apply. The decision of the tournament rules committee shall be final.

13.) Registration and Captain’s Meeting: Registration will be between 7:00 and 8:30 pm, December 16, 2016. The Captain’s Meeting will be at 8:30pm. Location: Chick’s Marlin Club @ 143 Vista Circle, Virginia Beach, VA 23451. So long as the team captain has conformed to the following shall the Captain’s Meeting be optional: (1) declared his team in written form and competes with no alterations to crew, (2) paid the teams full entry fee up front prior to the Captain’s Meeting, & (3) has read & printed a copy of the official tournament rules. The Tournament Committee reserves the right to declare any captain or angler ineligible if these stipulations are not met.

14.) Mechanical Breakdown: Your boat’s condition and efficiency are equally as important as your fishing skills. All boats/teams are responsible for getting their fish to the weigh station aboard their own boat (or vehicle).

15.) Weather: The tournament does not provide a weather committee and it is a Captain’s choice tournament. All team captains, members, boat owners and all other participants are responsible to determine that their craft is sea-worthy, and are advised and encouraged to be familiar with the current local weather conditions and forecasts to determine if conditions permit the safety of the boat, crew, anglers and guests to proceed to depart to sea and return in a safe and prudent manner. The tournament reserves the right to cancel the tournament. The tournament will determine by 7pm, Friday, December 16, 2016 if the tournament will be fished on Saturday December 17th. If not Sunday, December 18, 2016 will be fished. For updated messages, please text or call 757-262-8422 (Jason), 757-450-4790 (Hal), or 757-450-8809 (Cameron). If one of the two eligible days of fishing is declared fishable, it shall constitute the tournament.

16.) Cash Awards: The cash payout will go as follows at the rate of $125 per boat entered: 1st Place: 50%, 2nd Place: 30%, 3rd Place 20%. For Example, if there are 30 boats entered, with $125 per boat entered going towards cash prize the payouts would be: 1st Place: 50% ($1875), 2nd Place: 30% ($1125), 3rd Place: 20% ($750). The cash payout represents 1⁄2 of your entry fee, leaving the remaining 1⁄2 to offset tournament expenses (accommodations @ Chick’s Marlin Club, food, beverages, captain’s bags, prizes and ensure a successful donation to the Hampton Roads Duke Club & James Madison University).

17). In the event of a natural disaster, or act of God, or no eligible fish are weighed in, or the tournament cancels all eligible days of fishing due to adverse weather conditions, the tournament will have a drawing from the registered tournament teams to award the top 3 places at a payout the same as the tournament cash awards (1st Place: 50%, 2nd Place: 30%, 3rd Place: 20%). The drawing will be held at 8:00pm at the banquet at Chick’s Marlin Club on December 17, 2016. A team representative must be present to win. If no registered team member is present within 5 minutes of their team’s number being drawn, the tournament will keep drawing until a winner is selected.

18). Additional Skill Levels: There will be two (2) optional skill levels for teams to participate in. You are not required to do both to qualify; you can choose to do one or the other, or both!$100 – “Duke Dog Challenge” – Heaviest Single Fish – Winner Take All$200 – “Cash Calcutta” - Pays: 50% 1st place /30% 2nd place / 20% 3rd placeAdditional skill levels will be paid out according per level. For example, if 10 teams enter “Duke Dog Challenge” and 20 teams enter “Cash Calcutta,” the “Duke Dog Challenge” will be paid out $900 (10 X 100 = 1000 X 90% = $900payout) and will be for the single heaviest fish caught by a team in this Calcutta. The “Cash Calcutta” will be paid out $3600 (20 X 200 = 4000 X 90% = $3600 payout). The “Cash Calcutta” Pays: 50% 1st place /30% 2nd place / 20% 3rd place. If only two (2) teams score points in the “Cash Calcutta,” then the basis shall be 65% 1st place payout and 35% for 2nd place payout and if only one (1) team scores, it shall be a 100% payout to the winner basis. *The tournament will retain 10% of additional skill levels to be applied to tournament expenses and charity donations.

19.) Cancelation Policy: All additional skill level monies will be refunded 100% if the tournament is declared unfishable or canceled. There is no refund on paid entries.

20.) Federal and State Regulations: The weight and/or length of the eligible fish submitted for weigh-in are subject to State and Virginia and/or Federal laws. All tournament boats must possess current and valid Virginia Saltwater Fishing Licenses and any other permits as required by applicable law at time of weigh-in. Any team without valid permitting and/or in violation of State and/or Federal law may have their fish disqualified at time of weigh-in.

21.) Waiver /Disclaimer : It is expressly understood that participants in this tournament enter at their own risk, and that James Madison University, The Duke Club, The James Madison University Alumni Association, Tournament Directors, Officers, Tournament Sponsors, Committees and all other persons connected directly or indirectly with the operation of said tournament, shall be exempt from any liability whatsoever for liable, slander, loss, damage, negligence, harm, injury or death suffered by any participant, entrant, vessel and equipment, companions and guests, boat captains, mates, crew members, which may occur during or in conjunction with this tournament. By signing the official tournament registration form, the boat owner, captain and mate(s), anglers and guests, consent that the tournament may use without payment or restriction any photographs, video footage, in which he or she may appear for any purpose whatsoever, including but not limited to resale, advertising, commercial or promotional material. By virtue of signing the Tournament entry form all participants agree to the final decision of the Tournament Rules Committee. It is understood that the spirit intended of the tournament is to be enjoyable and in good fellowship for all participants to help raise money for the Hampton Roads Duke Club, James Madison University, & local charities.

22.) Venue: It is expressly understood that all participants consent and agree that the City of Virginia Beach General District Courts shall be the sole venue for litigation arising out of participation in the Tournament.